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Test instrument leasing can reduce the investment risk of enterprises

in today's "leftovers are king", how can enterprises invest cautiously and reduce the risks brought by the financial crisis? Qiu Lijian, general manager of the instrument leasing business department of Beijing Dongfang Zhongke Integrated Technology Co., Ltd., a leading domestic technology instrument and equipment leasing service provider, believes that enterprises that can survive and develop when the crisis comes are always those that are able to cope with various uncertain factors. The electronic testing instrument leasing service that orient integration has always advocated can help enterprises improve their ability to deal with various uncertainties

Qiu Lijian visited several major cities in the south not long ago and analyzed several major causes of enterprise uncertainty in combination with the current situation. First, the orders faced by enterprises are often uncertain. For example, in a company that makes notebook antennas in Shanghai, employees are working overtime at the beginning of November, and the instruments are not. Third, a flexible and solid standard should be maintained for the installation and use of limit positions. With the impact of the financial crisis on the enterprise, their orders in December are few, and there is no need for many instruments; Secondly, the financial operation of the whole company is uncertain. The lifeline of finance lies in cash flow. The tightening of banks will make it difficult for enterprises to obtain loans, and others may not be able to recover the money they owe themselves; Third, the development prospect of the industry is uncertain. Some sunrise industries, such as solar energy and TD, are optimistic. The future of TD is bright, but 10 years later, many companies, including Shanghai Kaiming, died on the way before they saw the bright; The fourth is the uncertainty of technology. For example, 3. The growth rate of real estate, automobile and other industries has also gradually declined. The three forms of G, TD-SCDMA, C2000 and WCDMA, were dominated by the United States in the past few years. These two years are WCDMA. What is the future direction? There is still uncertainty. The above uncertainties are interrelated. The uncertainty of technology and industry prospects will lead to the uncertainty of orders, which in turn will lead to the uncertainty of the company's operations. If enterprises fail to deal with these factors, they will face a crisis situation

Qiu Lijian believes that the financial crisis has only magnified the internal contradictions and deep-seated problems inherent in some enterprises. From the analysis of the field of instrument testing services he is engaged in, those enterprises that attach importance to leasing services should take much time to deal with the financial crisis. When the market outlook is optimistic, many well-known large-scale factories in China purchase fixed assets including testing equipment by themselves. Some factories in Tianjin have been cautious about using ordinary belts to drive individual OEM factories. They entered the OEM industry in 2006, and the investment scale of fixed assets has been relatively reasonable. Many industries have increased the need for metal copper through leasing, while those enterprises that purchase many equipment themselves are now very painful. Enterprises have no orders, instruments are useless, and there are so many workers. If cash flow is not sufficient, we have to wait for bankruptcy

Oriental integration also has a Zhejiang customer, whose production capacity has increased rapidly in recent years, but has not bought much fixed assets, and has adopted the leasing mode to solve the problem of instrument use. For example, there are no more than 80 testing instruments needed for production, and more than 300 comprehensive testers that are often used are rented. Facing the uncertain factors caused by the financial crisis, the enterprise avoided the losses caused by the investment in fixed assets. Qiu Lijian suggested that when investing in R & D and production, enterprises should study various means, including testing services, and be alert to various uncertain factors at any time, so as to reduce operational risks and improve their anti Strike ability. Only in this way can we finally win today when "the leftover is the king"

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