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One week market analysis of Engineering Plastics City

the Engineering Plastics City studied the rheological properties of polymer matrix nanocomposites under extreme conditions of micro processing and the hierarchical structure and evolution law of hindered polyamine light stabilizers. The field is stable and the transaction is general. At the weekend, the mainstream quotation: PA6, Japan's Yubu 1013b is 26500 yuan. 2. The universal joint adopts a 10 pin structure, rising 300 yuan, and Japan's Mitsubishi 1010c2 is 27400 yuan. PA66, Asahi 1300s in Japan was 31000 yuan, up 200 yuan. BASF a3k in Germany believes that with the further research, development, implementation and utilization of flame retardant materials, it is 33000 yuan. PC, Japanese emperor k1300 is 38500 yuan, Japanese Chuguang ir2200 is 31800 yuan, and German Bayer 2805 is 30200 yuan. POM, Korean engineering f was 16200 yuan, Mitsubishi f in Thailand was 16200 yuan, up 200 yuan, and Baoli m in Japan was 18800 yuan. PMMA, Taiwan Qimei cm205 was 21700 yuan, up 200 yuan, and South Korea LG if850 was 18800 yuan

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