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A weekly review of the Asian olefin market (1.9-15)

due to the shutdown of some naphtha cracking units in Asia, and the demand seems to have increased, the spot price of Asian olefins rose in the week ended Tuesday. Taiwan Formosa Petrochemical Company's 2# naphtha cracking unit is said to have also stopped production in a cracking unit in Thailand, and some units in Singapore have reduced their operating rates. The shutdown of Formosa will make the supply tight, which will become a driving factor for the price rise in the near future. Although the precision of the equipment looks complex, a trader said. A Singapore trader said that the demand for downstream products recovered. Traders heard that there is a transaction price of about US dollars/prosthesis is is symmetrical tons C f Southeast Asia. The spot ethylene price in Southeast Asia is assessed at USD/T C f Southeast Asia. Last week, the price was assessed at USD/T C f Southeast Asia. There is demand for propylene, but due to the low price of polypropylene, the price of propylene has not increased much. Polypropylene producers cannot buy propylene at the current price, because it is too high for them, and the downstream polypropylene price is low, so there is no profit. The buyer is asking the price of propylene to be about 310 US dollars/ton, but the seller is unwilling to lower the price than US dollars/ton C f Southeast Asia. As the overhaul is scheduled to start in March, with more production plants in Asia shutting down, there will be some factors that will promote the price rise in the future

olefin price in Asia Pacific region (January 15)

c f Southeast Asia C f Taiwan FOB South Korea

ethylene 320 00 - 290.. 00

propylene 310 00 - 300.. 00

butadiene -- 230 00

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