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A week's market review of ethylene in Asia

Market Overview: this week, the demand for ethylene in Asia was sluggish, because the storage capacity was relatively overflowing, and the price intention of buyers and sellers widened. As most buyers have completed the demand before the first half of January, the new round of buying will mainly focus on the shipments in the second half of January. Japanese traders are busy with annual contract transactions, especially with petrochemical companies such as South Korea yncc and Lotte Dashan. It is said that the contract price is similar to that of last year, but the expectations for the supply of cargo next year are different

Northeast Asia: this week, a transaction in the ethylene market in this region was concluded at the price of 1300 US dollars/ton (CFR China), but this transaction was not confirmed by both parties. Only the trading price of $1230/ton (CFR Taiwan) of a transaction reached in the week ending December 7 represents the level of the spot market. This shipment of 2900 tons is rigid and will arrive at a PE production plant in Taiwan in the second half of December. The idea of other Taiwanese buyers is very simple: we should unite enterprises, research universities, community universities, state, local and federal governments at one bid price as low as 1150 US dollars/ton (CFR), because it is expected that January B also indicates the degree of stratification, and the price of olefins will fall further. The relatively strong market prices of PE and MEG may prompt buyers to purchase the shipment at a price higher than 1200 US dollars/ton. However, the intention price of vinyl product manufacturers for the electronic universal testing machine with perfect components and facilities that arrived in the second half of January is still 1150 US dollars/ton (CFR China/Taiwan). Taiwan Formosa Plastics Petrochemical Company's reduction in imports also increased market supply pressure. The quotation of PVC was raised to USD/ton

Southeast Asia: Southeast Asia ethylene market transactions are slightly active, and the remaining shipments in early January are for sale. At the beginning of this week, a shipment of tons arrived in Iran in the first half of January at the price of 1175 US dollars/ton (CFR). However, the deal was blocked later and was not completed until the weekend. It is said that it is difficult for the seller to find a buyer willing to accept the shipment because of the shortage of cargo storage space in Indonesia and Thailand in early January. Another batch of 3500 tons of cargo arrived in the first half of January at a price of $1235/ton (CFR), but the transaction price was not confirmed. A batch of 4500 tons of cargo that arrived in the Middle East in the first half of January was sold to the Philippines by the seller after finding no buyers in Thailand and Indonesia

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