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A week's summary of China Plastics PVC spot (10..12)

this week, China's plastic price index fluctuated horizontally. Except for a large decline driven by warehouse receipts on Tuesday, the range of change was small. As of Friday, China's plastic price index was 1257.35 points, down 0.85 points from the same period last week; The China Plastics spot index fell first and then rose this week. On Friday, the index was 1230.54 points, up 2.94 points from the same period last week

I. upstream situation:

this week, the international oil market first suppressed and then rose, with a significant rise. At the beginning of the period, affected by factors such as the strengthening of the US dollar, the weakening of the storm threat faced by US Gulf of Mexico oil production, and signs that Royal Dutch Shell Co., Ltd. will increase its production in Nigeria, the price of futures oil plunged sharply below $80, and then by the expectation of tight supply in the fourth quarter, the weakening of the US dollar Supported by the decline of inventories and the tense situation in Turkey and Iran, the market has heated up again, and the international oil price has risen for four consecutive days, reaching the previous high. By Friday, wti-11 crude oil was at $83.69/barrel, up $2.47 from last week, and Brent's November contract was at $80.55/barrel, up $1.65 from last week

the quotation in the Far East ethylene market fell slightly this week. On Friday, the FOB quotation in South Korea was $1210/ton, down 40 points

II. Market situation:

after the long holiday, the domestic PVC market fell significantly this week. After a short wait-and-see, due to poor demand, there are many types of pilot testing machines, and upstream factories and traders began to reduce factory prices one after another, while the weakness of the international market and the weakening prices of ethylene and calcium carbide also contributed to the decline. Later, with the sharp drop of 150 yuan/ton of Qilu Petrochemical materials, The downward trend of the market is more obvious, and most people have gradually lost confidence in the future. Throughout the markets, the two major mainstream markets in East China and South China decreased slightly this week, which restricted the development of many major strategic areas by about 50 points. Ethylene materials also weakened, and the northern market also fell. Other non mainstream markets such as the northwest region also faced greater pressure. The price center of gravity was moving downward, and the transaction situation was generally poor

by the end of the week, the mainstream price of PVC ordinary calcium carbide in South China was around 7550 yuan/ton, and there were slightly lower prices. The price of high-grade powder was slightly higher, but the price of ethylene material also declined. I heard that the price of physical properties of various materials measured by international standards or industry standards of some 1000 models in the market was 7850 yuan/ton; In East China, the price of ordinary electric stone is yuan/ton, and there is resistance to the high price transaction. The supply of some high models is yuan/ton. In addition, affected by the market mentality, the rush to ship has increased. Traders report that there are many wait-and-see downstream and it is difficult to conclude transactions; In North China, PVC common electroslastics also gradually increased by 1 - the pressing depth under the initial experimental force F0; The decline, traders reflect that the inventory pressure is gradually increasing. The price excluding tax in Hebei market is about yuan/ton, and there are many such prices in Shandong. Although the surrounding manufacturers and traders continue to reduce their quotations, the downstream bearish mentality is strong, and they are still mainly on the sidelines; Other regions are also impacted by the mainstream market, and the price focus has shifted downward. The price in Central China has been below 7500 yuan/ton, while the price in Southwest China can barely maintain 7600 yuan/ton. In addition, as the weather turns cooler, the demand in Northeast China will gradually shrink. At that time, not only the local demand will be reduced, but also the southward movement of North goods will bring certain pressure to markets such as East China and South China

III. next week's trend:

from the current situation, there is no possibility of a good market after the festival. The double pressure of declining raw materials and sluggish demand will make it difficult for the PVC market to see sunny days. The further contraction of demand caused by weather and the recent news of continuous test runs of new devices are even more worrying. The increasingly fierce price reduction and promotion is also difficult to see hope, and the downstream does not seem to buy it. The wait-and-see atmosphere is shrouded, and it is expected that there is still room for PVC to decline in the short term

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