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One week market analysis of PVC international market (8.29)

I. European and American markets

the domestic market in the United States was in a stable state. In August, the price fell by 1 cent/pound, and exports increased slightly. Several companies raised the price of pipeline grade resin that arrived in China in early September by $30/ton to $1/ton. Some dealers estimate that the demand of European and American markets will increase to a certain extent in October, but the overall demand will tend to be light in the whole fourth quarter. The prices of raw materials such as ethylene and chlorine may rise, which will have an impact on the PVC market

in the European market, German manufacturers believe that the large-scale overhaul in Eastern Europe in August and September will increase the PVC price, but the market price has been at a low level, and then the market will start to recover. Last week, the European export price was US dollars/ton (FOB northwest Europe)

second, the control situation introduced by the national standard is constant strain to control the market

the Asia Pacific region had more buyers participating in the supply transaction in September last week, but there were not many major suppliers. The Japanese seller initially offered us dollars/ton, but finally traded in US dollars/ton (CFR). A Japanese supplier made a forward payment of $470/ton (CFR), equivalent to $460/ton (CFR) at sight. Some users are eager to replenish inventory and recognize this forward price. The quotation of PVC in Russia and the United States is USD/ton (CFR)

III. domestic market

last week, the domestic PVC market was generally stable, and the mainstream price was yuan/ton. The market price in North China is generally relatively stable, at yuan/ton; The East China market is also in yuan/ton, unchanged from last week; There are too many oxide skins in Guangdong, and the domestic materials in the coastal areas of Shidong and Fujian maintained the price last week, but recently, there have been more imported goods in Shantou and Xiamen, and the price of imported materials has decreased significantly. The quotation of imported materials in Fujian was about yuan, while the quotation of imported materials in Shantou was yuan, which generally fell by yuan. From the perspective of middlemen, it is reflected that the speed of further improving the manufacturing technology level and overall strength is relatively slow. Due to the lack of downstream construction, most users have a certain amount of inventory in the early stage, so the current purchase enthusiasm is low. Although the current market price can be maintained, if shipments continue to decline, the market price may fall slightly

the ex factory price of enterprises is still at yuan/ton, and all enterprises basically maintain the level of last week. The shipment speed has decreased, but the beneficial side is that the inventory of all enterprises is not too high at present. It is expected that the market will remain relatively stable next week, but there may not be a significant opportunity for corporate sales to improve. From the analysis of various factors, the market price of domestic PVC will not fall below 5000 yuan even if there is a certain degree of decline in the recent domestic PVC market

IV. domestic market outlook forecast

at present, market confidence in southern regions has rebounded, the trading atmosphere is active, and the trading volume is rising. Since autumn, footwear is booming. As long as the source of imported goods can be digested in time, the stability of the market can be guaranteed. Due to the slowdown of world economic development, the entire Asian market is in a situation of oversupply, and Chinese Mainland has become a highly competitive export target market. However, as long as the domestic market price does not rise quickly, the price will not fall with the start of demand. Wait and see the arrival of September, the market will have a good situation to facilitate the external connection between the system and the computer and data transmission

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