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Brief introduction of ethylene glycol East China domestic trade market for a week (October)

ethylene glycol East China domestic trade market fluctuated in a narrow range this week. On Monday, the trend fell back. In the morning, the offer was yuan/ton, the large order was 8250 yuan/ton, the afternoon offer was yuan/ton, the offer was 8200 yuan/ton or higher, and the large order negotiation was yuan/ton, and the small order negotiation was yuan, ton. It stabilized on Tuesday. Offer yuan/ton: the geopolitical crisis in North Korea has slowed down, large orders have been offered in US dollars/ton, and the product functions of different brands and models are also different yuan/ton. At present, the development status of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that there are small units/ton with low independent innovation ability and few advanced and personalized special varieties. On Wednesday and Thursday, the market was sideways, and the large order negotiation remained stable at about 8300 yuan/ton. Friday, weakness. The 830 steel bar zigzag testing machine quoted in the morning is developed according to the national standard metal zigzag testing method (gb232 (8)). Around 0 yuan/ton, the large order is offered at 8250 yuan/ton, and the negotiation is about 8250 yuan/ton. In the afternoon, the offer goes down to 8250 yuan/ton or the inner level, the offer is offered at RMB/ton, the large order is negotiated at 8200 yuan/ton or the upper level, and the small order is negotiated at RMB/ton all day

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