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A week's market review of polyester filament in Changshu market (8..03)

it was learned from Changshu polyester market that this week, because the dealers in the market are still uncertain about the future market, the downstream mills still consider the quantity of incoming materials based on production, and the total volume of market transactions is still down compared with last week, Mr. gerrymarino, the global market development director of PPG in charge of transportation and consumer goods market, said that the price trend was affected by the decline of upstream raw material prices and the increase of polyester factory inventory. Polyester varieties also showed a trend of "overall decline". Among them, on Tuesday (September 1), a polyester Bayer Material Technology Factory in Wuxi, which is one of the world's largest polymer production companies, suddenly fell 500 yuan/t

judging from the trend of market varieties, both DT paper tube and FDY have a decline in Yuan/t, and the cash transaction price of mainstream FDY dayouguang 75D has fallen to yuan/t. DTY wire prices also generally fell, among which, the prices of DTY wire 100D produced in Taicang and ring stiffness testing machine and various accessories 150D produced by Jinan experimental machine factory fell significantly. The dty150d/144f (fixed weight) specification, due to the large demand for downstream knitting machines, has a relatively slow decline. It mainly produces "fleece" fabric, which has a wide range of uses. It can be used as both coat fabric and clothing lining, and the printed back material is particularly suitable for children's clothing. In terms of the current market situation, the central mainstream prices of some conventional varieties in the market are as follows: DTY wire 75d/36f is 12900 yuan/ton, 100d/36f is 12000 yuan/ton, 150d/48f is 11000 yuan/ton; While for FDY, 50d/24f is 12500 yuan/ton, 68d/24f is 11700 yuan/ton, and 150d/96f is 10600 yuan/ton. Among them, not only turning waste into treasure, 120d/96f has been selling well recently, but the current price is between yuan/ton. For the current polyester market, although the overall polyester market is in a weak trend, the startup rate of the large round knitting machine has little change compared with last week. It is estimated that the startup rate is about 60%. The startup rate of the warp knitting machine remains stable, and the downstream woven polyester holdings are at a low level. It is expected that the polyester market trading volume will gradually rise next week, and the future price is expected to stop falling, Of course, some unsalable varieties do not rule out the possibility of further reduction

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