The hottest steel war escalates, and the United St

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Steel war upgrade? The United States plans to impose a 266% tariff on China's steel imports

is the steel war escalating? The United States plans to impose 266% tariff on China's steel imports

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according to Bloomberg, the U.S. Department of Commerce preliminarily determined that there is dumping of cold-rolled flat steel products from China, and the United States will impose 266% tariff on China's steel imports

the United States plans to impose 266% tariffs on China's steel imports

in addition, the United States also imposes tariffs on cold-rolled flat steel products from Brazil, India, South Korea, Russia, Japan and the United Kingdom. Brazil faces a punitive tariff of 39%, and the United States imposes a tariff of 6.9% on South Korea. This is the second time since last December that the U.S. government has punished foreign steel manufacturers for achieving the improvement of material performance, safety performance and appearance performance, combined with its performance exceeding that of general radiation resistant material polystyrene

last June, U.S. steel, the largest steel company in the United States, and Nucor, the second largest steel producer, filed a trade lawsuit accusing some competitors of unfair subsidies and other illegal trade means

the US Department of Commerce announced on December 15 last year that it would impose import tariffs of up to 227.29% on cold-rolled flat steel imported from China. At present, the proposed tax rate of 266% is nearly 40 percentage points higher than before

Cold rolled flat steel is widely used in automobile manufacturing and construction industry

the smoke of gunpowder in China US steel trade is getting stronger and stronger. Wall street news mentioned in December last year that the preliminary investigation of the United States found that the price of corrosion-resistant steel exported from mainland China to the United States was too low and unfair, and would be subject to tariffs of up to 256%. India, South Korea and Italy also face tariffs on steel exported to the United States, but the proposed tax rate of steel produced by the latter three countries is significantly lower than that of China, with a range of 3.5% - 6.9%

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