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The way for the steel trading market to save itself: rebuild credit and jointly promote the integrity warehouse

in the first half of 2012, with the past of gloom and losses, it has passed. Looking back on the past six months, the domestic steel market can be described as "one wave after another", and was once shrouded in the shadow of the "runaway" event, "repeated pledge", bank credit contraction and so on. From the "anti robbery, anti-theft, anti steel trade" this slogan of the banking industry, how much reflects the dilemma of today's steel trade industry

many steel traders ridiculed themselves. Once regarded as "guests of honor" by banks, they have now become "thorns" they are cautious about. Many people secretly removed the words "steel" and "steel trade" from the company's head, and made no mention of steel trade

the steel trading market, which is the concentration of steel traders, has also changed from a crowded market where it was once difficult to find a shop, to an empty and desolate market today. A person in charge of steel trade city admitted that with the "shrinkage" of the market financing guarantee function, today's steel trading market is at an unprecedented "trough"

reflection from steel market bosses

Chen Jian, deputy general manager of the steel logistics division of "my steel", said that in fact, the risks of the entire steel trade industry had appeared as early as 2010, "from the steel price at that time, we felt wrong". He said that at that time, many experts had repeatedly raised the need to pay attention to the risk control of steel trade in public, but steel trading markets all over the country continued to spring up, "investment enthusiasm drowned people's concerns about the risks of steel trade"

fortunately, after the baptism of the crisis, the former busy steel trade bosses finally began to calm down, reflect on the previous development model, and think about the future path of the steel trading market (steel trade city, logistics park) and where to go

according to Chen Jian, recently, many bosses of the steel trading market have taken the initiative to call together the heads of the real steel trading market (steel trade city, logistics park) through a third-party organization to discuss the new development mode of the steel trading market in an open and open manner, and establish industry norms through association, so as to facilitate the standardized development of the steel trading market

"in this market situation, it's better to 'die' than wait for death. 'die' may find a way out, and it will also allow unsuitable enterprises to make room for the market. Originally, a large group of people ate porridge together, but now those who don't want to eat porridge go to eat something else", said huguojun, assistant general manager of Shanghai Steel Union steel logistics division

xusunjin, President of Suzhou Guangli steel, also said that it is inevitable for an industry to move from extensive development to industrial upgrading, "shuffling or upgrading is actually a good thing for the steel trade industry and the steel trading market". He said that the services of the steel trading market include many aspects, but at present, these functions have not really been brought into play. "In fact, there is still a lot of room for development in the future steel trading market."

Zhujunhong, President of Shanghai Steel Union, pointed out that after these years of rapid development, there are too many steel trading markets with mixed development. With the change of business form from scratch, the mode of steel trading market must be upgraded, and some people must be out. "The future steel trading market will strive for the ability to integrate services and resources."

"the lowest cost, the best service, so that everyone can do business, the market can fire", he said that financing should be only a small part of the supporting services of the steel trading market. He said, "the era of steel trading market as a financing tool has passed, and it will return to the essence of trade."

Zhu Junhong pointed out that the main problems of the current steel trade industry can be summarized as "high transaction costs and serious lack of integrity". Facts show that whether it is the "repeated pledge" problem that banks are worried about, or the credit contraction, in the final analysis, it is because people don't know "what to trust and what not to trust", and then take a "one size fits all" approach to steel traders

in this regard, Zhu Junhong's prescription is: "establish credit and reshape image" - that is, give full play to the organization and coordination function of the steel trading market (steel trade city, logistics park), disclose relevant data and information through a third-party independent organization, let the society supervise, and jointly promote the construction of "integrity warehouse"

"honesty and transparency are the inevitable choice to save the trust crisis in the steel trade industry," he said

for the idea advocated by Zhu Junhong, Xiao Xing, general manager of Xiamen hugang Trade City, said, "this is what I have been looking for and urgently need."

he admitted that although many market merchants had similar ideas long ago and proposed that the steel trading market model needed to be upgraded, they had not found relevant groups or leaders. Now, if "my steel" can build such a platform with its brand strength and market appeal, its significance will be very far-reaching

steel union information learned that at present, the steel logistics division of "my steel can be seen from the above figure" is actively promoting the construction of "integrity warehouse"

Hu Guojun, the person in charge of the project, said, "in the past, the steel market was unwilling to disclose inventory information to the outside world". During the industry reshuffle period, "I seem to have been successful in the hope of steel" will work with honest and excellent steel logistics enterprises to establish a platform, publish inventory data on schedule every week, and slowly become a useful platform for China's extruder industry in terms of foreign trade exports. "Making the inventory information of the logistics park public and allowing the whole society to supervise can eliminate repeated pledge", which may help reshape the integrity of the industry

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