The hottest toys are mostly made of waste plastics

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Toys are mostly made of waste plastics, formaldehyde exceeding the standard is harmful to children's health

it is reported that the national toy safety code requires that all toy making materials should be clean and pollution-free. However, some media found in the investigation that the raw materials of many toys are waste plastics. In a garbage recycling station, there are a lot of mineral water bottles, shampoo bottles, sealant bottles recycled by merchants, and even medical waste that the state expressly prohibits recycling. These plastic garbage will be simply filtered and chopped into secondary materials by merchants under dirty and messy conditions, and will continue to be sold to illegal manufacturers to make children's toys

in a toy factory, you can smell a pungent smell when you pick up a good toy at will. A worker wearing a mask said that this pungent smell was formaldehyde

: "what's the smell?"

worker: "it's all formaldehyde."

formaldehyde has been identified by the World Health Organization as a carcinogenic and teratogenic substance. In the process of recycling waste plastics for many times, in order to be firm, businesses generally add a certain amount of adhesive. At this time, formaldehyde is injected into toys. During the investigation, many manufacturers claimed that the toys here were made of unqualified recycled plastics, and there was even medical waste

manufacturer: "the car just now has been used at least 20 times. This kind of garbage is made of rotten materials and medical garbage."

similarly, in this children's toy market in Jinan, there is also a pungent smell on some toys.

in the face of doubt, all businesses guarantee that their toys are absolutely qualified and free of formaldehyde.

business: "No, because we are all sold to children. If there is a problem with children, we can't afford it."

is it really as promised by the business? In order to verify this statement, several toys were purchased at random

pick up a toy at random, and find that there is no information indicating the manufacturer and 3C quality certification. Moreover, pick up a toy at random and smell it. It has a very strong smell

then, these toys were sent to Jinan Jinding Detection Technology Co., Ltd. to do a formaldehyde comparison experiment to verify whether these toys contain formaldehyde

experimenter of Jinding Detection Technology Co., Ltd. "in order to detect whether toys will affect the formaldehyde content in the air, we first take formaldehyde samples in a closed environment."

in a laboratory with an area of about 10 square meters, the experimenters first tested the formaldehyde content in the indoor air

experimenter of Jinding Detection Technology Co., Ltd. "this bottle is the formaldehyde sample we didn't put into the toy."

after 20 minutes of collection, the indoor sampling without toys was completed for the first time. Then, the experimenters placed the four toys they bought in the house

experimenter of Jinding Detection Technology Co., Ltd.: "let's take the toy apart and leave it indoors for 12 hours. Tomorrow morning, we'll test the formaldehyde content again."

toys are things that children often touch, and they are also children's favorite gifts. However, many unscrupulous businesses actually reuse waste plastic and even medical waste to make toys. When children play, they not only smell and touch, but also contain them in their mouths. If there is a lot of formaldehyde in them, it will seriously endanger children's health. So, will the toys bought in Jinan market contain formaldehyde

fan Dengjie, engineer of Jinding Detection Technology Co., Ltd., "formaldehyde is mainly a chemical raw material, a colorless substance with pungent odor, which has been defined as a carcinogen by the World Health Organization."

fan Dengjie, an engineer of Jinding Testing Technology Co., Ltd., told that if the formaldehyde in toys exceeded the standard, it was most likely caused by the reuse of waste plastics

fan Dengjie, engineer of Jinding Testing Technology Co., Ltd.: "Why do children's toys contain formaldehyde? When making children's toys, they add other plastics, or recycle them, so that they can be better applicable to C919 aircraft. Breaking and bonding through children's toys again requires adding some adhesives. These adhesives are generally urea formaldehyde resin adhesives, which are mainly synthesized by formaldehyde and urea. This kind of adhesive has strong adhesion, and the price is relatively cheap. Some illegal children Children's manufacturers are mainly used to make children's toys. "

if children are exposed to toys with excessive formaldehyde for a long time, their health will be seriously affected

fan Dengjie, engineer of Jinding Testing Technology Co., Ltd., "first, if children bite toys with their mouth, it will do some harm to the children's digestive system; if it is released in the bedroom, it will do some harm to the children's respiratory tract, and the most typical is asthma."

in order to verify these statements, the experimenters took samples of formaldehyde content in the air before and after putting toys in an office of about 10 square meters

experimenter of Jinding Detection Technology Co., Ltd. "this tube is the sample of formaldehyde in the air when the toy is not put in. This bottle is the sample we collected after the toy is put in. The color of this bottle is relatively light when the toy is not put in, indicating that its formaldehyde content is lower. It is obvious that the color of the toy is very dark, and its formaldehyde content is higher."

the experimenter added ammonium ferric sulfate to the phenol reagent of the sample under acidic conditions. It can be clearly seen that the color of the sample 12 hours after putting it into the toy is darker. In order to determine its accurate value, the experimenter put the reagent into the light absorber to detect its light absorption value

experimenter of Jinding Detection Technology Co., Ltd. "now the value of the sample after putting the toy in is 0.724."

then, the experimenters drove the time to carry out the fatigue experiment through calculation, and the experimental report was presented to everyone

Jinding Detection Technology Co., Ltd. experimenter: "the laboratory is in a room of about 10 square meters, and the formaldehyde content is measured according to the two formaldehyde values before and after putting toys. The formaldehyde content before putting toys is 0.06 mg per cubic meter, and the indoor formaldehyde content after putting toys is 0.10 mg per cubic meter. According to the experimental results, we can prepare selectively degraded polythioketal urethanes (PTK – ur) by j.r.martin and others." The tissue engineering scaffold shows that although the indoor formaldehyde content is also qualified after putting toys, it also increases significantly, indicating that it can release a certain amount of formaldehyde. "

after the experiment, it can be seen that the formaldehyde content in the indoor air before putting the toy is 0.06 mg/m3, while the detection value 12 hours after putting the toy is 0.10 mg/m3, an increase of 0.04 mg/m3 compared with the previous one, and has reached the critical value of the national standard

experimenter of Jinding Detection Technology Co., Ltd. "according to the national standard, the standard of formaldehyde content in the indoor environment of the office is 0.10 mg/m3."

it is said that children are the flowers of the motherland, but there are such unscrupulous traders who risk hurting children to earn such unscrupulous money. I would like to remind you that before buying toys, you must see whether there is a clear factory name and address, and the three C certification required by the state. Next, you should smell it carefully, and further deepen the experience summary of the research and development process of scientific and technological support projects. Will there be a pungent smell, and you must buy toys that have no smell as much as possible for children. I also hope that relevant departments can strengthen the supervision of the toy market and let the flowers of the motherland grow healthily

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