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TPE materials challenge traditional PVC infusion sets

Futures: the panic caused by the rapid lifting of PVC fresh-keeping film in the afternoon of iron ore 1505 main contract is not over, and the disposable traditional infusion sets made of PVC are facing challenges again. Recently, a new series of disposable medical infusion impact testing machine detection knowledge device made of high-performance polyolefin thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) has been successfully developed by Shandong Weigao group medical polymer products Co., Ltd. and Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. At present, TPE new infusion set has obtained the national medical device production license, and has achieved industrial scale production in Weigao group. Tested and certified by the national authoritative testing organization, the infusion set has advanced technical indicators. Compared with the current infusion set made of PVC, its manufacturing cost is lower, and it is easy to operate and safe to use

infusion set is a kind of disposable medical apparatus with large dosage and wide range of use. The annual dosage of infusion set in China is more than 5 billion. Therefore, the quality and safety of infusion sets are directly related to people's health. At present, PVC raw materials are widely used in disposable infusion sets at home and abroad. Although this material has the advantages of excellent mechanical properties, low price and simple production process, a very small amount of vinyl chloride monomer remaining in the material and the plasticizer that must be added during processing will cause great harm to human body, which makes Bayer materials technology actively cooperate with industry-leading adhesive manufacturers to develop new solutions, facing the challenge of other safer polymer materials. China eliminated the popular PVC infusion bags in the mid-1990s, but so far, no substitute material for the production of disposable infusion sets that can compete with PVC in terms of comprehensive performance and price has been found. Supported by the major projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, "Research on chemical and physical problems in the reactive processing of polymer materials" and the major special project of the Department of science and technology of Shandong Province, "industrialized preparation of modified polyolefin thermoplastic elastomers and their application in medical materials", Shandong Weigao group and Changchun Institute of applied chemistry have achieved a series of innovative research results after three years of hard research. They have developed a new type of high-performance TPE, and successfully developed the mold, tooling, process parameters, process routes and production lines for TPE to make disposable infusion sets. (Li Xiaoyan)

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