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China's TPU film manufacturers started late and have a high degree of concentration

due to the late start of China's TPU film manufacturers, which are mainly aimed at China's medium and low-end TPU film market, and the high threshold of TPU film production technology and production experience, the number of professional TPU film manufacturers in China at this stage is small and the industry concentration is high. Chinese TPU film manufacturers have the highest degree of specialization. The obvious feature is that there are many kinds of TPU films produced, covering a wide range of TPU film market

the products of foreign TPU particle enterprises are mainly concentrated in the medium and high-end markets such as adhesives, cables, high-end injection molding, etc. In addition to the Taiwan and foreign enterprises mentioned above, there are South Korea Jinxing Industry, and Taiwan Kunzhong and Sanhuang both produce TPU particles. Foreign enterprises represented by BASF Bayer occupy the high-end market of China's TPU particle industry. Chinese enterprises mainly include Yantai Wanhua, Zhejiang Huafeng and Shanghai Lianjing. TPU particles as a whole, including nano scale imaging equipment industry, are highly concentrated

tpu industry competition pattern is mainly composed of three parts: Taiwan, China, foreign countries, and Chinese Mainland. From a geographical point of view, the comparison between the main manufacturers of TPU industry in China and foreign enterprises is as follows:

in the Chinese market, the medium and high-end market of TPU industry is mainly occupied by enterprises in Taiwan and Europe and the United States. TPU enterprises in Taiwan and abroad have more than 30 years of development history and rich experience, so their market position in China's TPU industry is very important. Due to the mature technology and stable product performance of Taiwan and foreign enterprises, Taiwan and foreign enterprises mainly occupy the medium and high-end market

most foreign enterprises are diversified product manufacturers, and their products involve many links in the polyurethane industrial chain. BASF provides TPU upstream raw materials such as MDI, polyols and other basic chemical materials. At the same time, it also produces TPU particles and TPU film products based on TPU particles. For example, Bayer Material Technology's TPU film is mainly the dureflex series products produced by its North American materials company. Bayer will continue to launch customized products, and materials will also produce other polyurethane products. Huntsman's TPU film products mainly focus on TPU glass plates, and Huntsman also provides MDI and other basic chemical products. Lubrizol produces various types of TPU particles and TPU films. Therefore, there are many kinds of products of foreign enterprises. TPU film is one of the products of various materials, and the product structure is comprehensive

until the test piece is damaged, the product structure of Taiwan TPU film manufacturers is mostly TPU film and other plastic products, which constitute the company's main products. The products of enterprises in Taiwan are mainly concentrated in pneumatic tubes, shoe materials, adhesives and other markets. In addition to producing TPU films, Taiwan Dingji chemical also produces TPU seals, pneumatic tubes, conveyor belts and other related TPU products. Taiwan Gaoding chemical produces TPU particles and extends the TPU particle production line to TPU films

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