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TPU market prospect can replace traditional plastics to expand innovative applications

TPU market prospect can replace traditional plastics to expand innovative applications

July 15, 2019

as an industry once monopolized by foreign enterprises, China's polyurethane elastomer industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and has now become the world's largest polyurethane elastomer market growth region. At the 2019 annual meeting of the elastomer special committee of China Polyurethane Industry Association held in Xiamen recently, the participating experts shared the new progress and direction of polyurethane elastomer technology innovation and product development

the market is developing rapidly

Liu Jing, senior engineer of the elastomer special committee of Polyurethane Association, said that thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) has excellent wear resistance, high tensile strength, large elongation, outstanding oil resistance, low temperature resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance, and a wide range of hardness. In recent years, it has been widely used in many fields of the national economy, such as shoe making, medical and health care, clothing fabrics, etc

at present, the global TPU market is mainly concentrated in Europe, the United States and the Asia Pacific region, among which the Asian region led by China is the world's leading and fastest-growing regional market. According to the statistics of the elastomer special committee of China Polyurethane Industry Association, in 2018, the total consumption of polyurethane products in China reached 11.3 million tons, of which the consumption of polyurethane elastomer was about 1.1 million tons, accounting for about 10% of the total consumption of polyurethane

therefore, the Secretary of the China Polyurethane Industry Association must firmly control the green and ecological industry direction of the plastic processing industry, which is "resource-saving, environment-friendly, and scientific and technological innovation". President Lu Guoyang said that China is currently the world's largest polyurethane production and consumption country. Since the 13th five year plan, the growth rate of China's polyurethane industry has shifted from high speed to low speed, and markets such as polyurethane elastomers have entered a period of innovative development and improvement, towards high-performance High quality, environmental protection and sustainable development

strong demand growth

Liu Jing said that the rapid growth of TPU is mainly due to the development of the footwear industry and the increase in film demand, and the market application of TPU is also expanding from the traditional footwear industry to the pharmaceutical, aviation, environmental protection and other industries with excellent future development prospects. With the development of the market, it is an inevitable trend that the application of plastics in many industries is replaced by TPU

LV Congress also said that TPU is still one of the products with rapid growth rate in polyurethane in the near future. The demand of industries such as shoe materials, films, pipes and wires will be more vigorous. In the field of medical devices, cables, wires and films, it will further replace traditional PVC materials, and in the field of shoe materials, it is very likely to replace EVA. It is expected that the automotive industry has held high the banner of "lightweight" and TPU will maintain a growth trend of 10% or more

it is reported that compared with cast polyurethane (CPU), the final product made of TPU generally does not need vulcanization and crosslinking, which can shorten the weekly elastic limit of production - the maximum stress applied to the material without permanent deformation For metals and other materials with obvious linear segments in the stress-strain curve, the elastic limit is approximate, and the waste materials can be "1 scientist engaged in virus research said that it is enough to recycle and reuse, which is suitable for the production of small but considerable products. In recent years, the proportion of TPU in polyurethane elastomers has increased year by year, and now it has reached about 40%. It is expected that its production capacity will reach 954000 tons, its output will reach 590000 tons, and its consumption will reach 500000 tons in 2019

innovative achievements have emerged

with the continuous expansion of polyurethane application fields, the demand for high-performance and more sustainable TPU is increasing. At present, many polyurethane enterprises are strengthening relevant R & D and innovation

Zhao Tingwu, deputy director of Shanxi Institute of chemical industry, said that with the gradual expansion of production scale, the cost of polyurethane elastomer products has been reduced, the varieties have been more diversified, the market demand has increased, and the industry has developed rapidly. In the international market, kejuya, Huntsman, kesichuang, Bolei and other enterprises have a high market share, while a number of polyurethane elastomer R & D, production and supporting enterprises, represented by Shanxi Chemical Research Institute, Suzhou Xiangyuan, Yinuowei, liming Institute, Wanhua chemical, Zibo Huatian, Shanghai Hecheng, Jintang technology, have been formed in China

as the first unit to develop polyurethane elastomer materials in China, Shanxi Institute of chemical industry has developed polyurethane elastomer products for transportation, such as polyurethane damping materials for Ballastless rail transit, polyurethane bearings for bridges, polyurethane cushion pads for sleepers, and polyurethane elastomers for mining machinery, such as polyurethane sieve plates, wear plates, cyclones, couplings, etc

in response to the demand for offshore renewable energy, kostron has developed elastomers applied to the protection of offshore cables and pipelines, including bending stiffeners, bending limiters, submarine cable protective jackets, etc; In view of the frequent cleaning and inspection of oil and gas pipelines, elastomer pigs have been developed, which can significantly improve the wear resistance and oil resistance, and improve the durability of materials

polyurea materials for spraying developed by Qingdao aierjiajia new materials Co., Ltd. show excellent high temperature resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, strong adhesion and other properties, especially suitable for long-term corrosion prevention, mine wear resistance, high-grade waterproof and other projects with high requirements and difficult maintenance

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