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Taiwan TPP purchased 10000 tons of Japanese propylene

Taiwan polypropylene company (TPP) has signed a contract with Japan to dispose of this signal by the processor. Showa denko purchased 10000 tons of propylene and arrived in Kaohsiung in the fourth quarter. The price of this batch of goods is 435 US dollars/ton (CFR Taiwan), the initial counter-offer price of TPP is 410 US dollars/ton (CFR), and the quotation of Showa is 440 US dollars/ton. Based on TPP's original supplier, Taiwan's PetroChina Company will close its 115000 ton/year No. 3 plant on October 25 for a day of maintenance, and TPP had to make major concessions. At the beginning of the year, Showa denko and TPP reached a contract for propylene trading to try to apply for foam granulator drawing to adapt to the new era. 1 serious or even buy back an experimental machine that is not suitable for your own enterprise 0 step 1: material development kit (MDK material development kit) and material unit test - between November, TPP will purchase 17000 tons of propylene per month to maintain the normal operation of two PP plants in Kaohsiung. During the monthly overhaul period, Taiwan's PetroChina Company will reduce the propylene supply to TPP by 50% to 10000 tons/month. The capacity of tpp1 plant is 195000 tons/year, and that of plant 2 is 135000 tons/year. At present, TPP is also negotiating with Saudi Basic Industries on the purchase of propylene

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