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TPI lubricating oil: there is a great difference between natural gas engine oil and diesel engine oil

tpi lubricating oil: there is a great difference between natural gas engine oil and diesel engine oil

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in recent years, the nationwide haze weather has sounded an alarm for environmental protection, and the fourth and fifth national automobile emission standards have been issued one after another; With the rise of fuel prices, commercial vehicles are also facing greater pressure from rising operating costs. In this case, vehicles fueled by low-cost, low emission natural gas have become the new favorite of the logistics industry with their extremely low emissions and high economy

with the popularity of natural gas vehicles, the lubrication and maintenance of natural gas engines have also been put on the agenda. Many car owners have a vague understanding of natural gas maintenance. Some even use diesel engine oil to provide lubrication for natural gas engines, which eventually leads to problems such as engine valve ablation, engine parts wear, oil volatilization and deterioration, causing major damage to the engine

what problems should owners pay attention to in the maintenance of natural gas vehicles? Let's ask

Q: can natural gas engines be lubricated with diesel engine oil

answer: no

first of all, due to the huge difference between the combustion temperature in the gas engine and the diesel engine when the natural stretching curve reaches the peak e, ordinary diesel engine oil cannot cope with the high-temperature working conditions of the natural gas engine, and the quality of the engine oil will decline or fail too fast due to rapid oxidation, which is not conducive to the lubrication of the engine and the protection of safety devices, and parts will be worn in serious cases; Secondly, ordinary diesel engine has high ash content and low hardness test efficiency, which is easy to generate hard deposits and aggravate engine wear; Thirdly, ordinary diesel engine oil nitrates quickly under the high temperature of natural gas engine, which is easy to produce excessive sludge and sediment, causing corrosive wear and shortening the service life of engine oil and engine. Therefore, it is not recommended that natural gas engines be lubricated with ordinary diesel engine oil

Q: how to choose the viscosity of natural gas engine oil

answer: in terms of viscosity, natural gas engine has high working temperature, which requires better fluidity of engine oil and better high-temperature oil film retention. The third use is the central handhold and cooling performance for automotive interior. Therefore, 15w-40 viscosity level is generally recommended for commercial vehicles. The specific selection should follow the requirements of vehicle manufacturers and engine manufacturers to use appropriate oil

Q: how to choose high standard natural gas engine oil

answer: unlike diesel engine oil, natural gas source is complex and engine operating conditions are harsh. Therefore, there is no global unified standard for natural gas engine oil, and the most authoritative is the OEM standard of major manufacturers. In recent years, tapai has been recognized by many OEM manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz mb226.9, Volvo CNG, Renault RVI RGD, man m, Cummins ces20074, etc. with its high-standard technical formula

Q: is there a general-purpose engine oil that can lubricate both natural gas and diesel vehicles

answer: Yes

Le Weilu G2 and G8 are unique high-quality products that can be used for the lubrication of diesel engines and natural gas engines at the same time. They have excellent anti-oxidation and anti nitrification capabilities, effectively control carbon deposition and sludge, inhibit oil degradation, and keep gas valves, pistons, and spark plugs clean. Lewi road G2 and G8 can provide simple and reliable lubrication schemes for diesel and natural gas hybrid fleets and other users, simplify maintenance management and reduce maintenance costs

the natural gas engine oil of tipu airway road is a series of special natural gas engine oil tailored to the combustion characteristics and environment of cng/lng engine by adopting new technologies and standards, which can help car owners choose engine oil more accurately, bring more protection to the engine, and help car owners achieve the purpose of cost reduction and efficiency increase

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